Sonoma Mountain afternoon

Thanks Lise. This painting is so unusual because I didn’t choose to put in the sky. Instead I just wanted the dark blue of the mountain to run to the edge of the frame. I thought the whole scene would appear more intimate if I did that. I hoped the blue mountain wouldn’t be mistaken for sky, and was semi-successful. This is a place I walk often. I go up those pictured hills, rather than walk by the view. But I did this painting at this spot one afternoon with my friend Melinda. Often I take a picture so I can work on the painting at home. And I even found this reference shot so you can see what I was working from. I still like this painting. Thanks for sharing, Lise.



One response to “Sonoma Mountain afternoon

  1. Hi Candi. Love seeing the painting and the photo together. Helps me to see what you saw. Glad you had saved a photo…I just knew the camera on my blackberry would not do it justice!

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