This is the initial pass. I like the idea of having two overlapping subjects. I like the way these overlap. I want to jump toward more abstraction. It will come as I work it.

To change the subject totally, I am so grateful.

Our new cat, Deiter, is back home again. One of our farmers’ market community, Rhonda Stalling at Arroyo Vet Clinic, suggested I bring him in for a micro-chip scan, to see if maybe he belonged to someone else. She said he qualified for the “Good Samaritan” discount. So I took him in last week, hauling out the dusty cat carrier and shoving his surprised body into the little space and shutting the door quickly as he dashed around to find his way out. He suddenly found his voice. I’d never heard him meow before then.

Dr. Rhonda found no micro-chip but she did find he was positive for AIDS and he had such bad teeth that some needed to be removed. I just got him back after his dental surgery. He spent one night away and has to spend two days inside while he is on pain medication.

I am so grateful to the Good Samaritan program. He even had a bath! I have volunteered to paint a portrait to be given away as at their annual auction… every year for as long as they want me to. He’s a very happy boy and loved all the attention, seems completely recovered. Thank you all, who participate with the Good Samaritan program.


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