Cool. That’s fun. I didn’t know where this was going but I’m pretty happy now. This horse has shifted from being fancy, to being common, from being unhappy and “behind the bit”, to being a solid workman, “on the bit” and jumping forward with energy. He is participating rather being harnessed. He expresses more of what dressage is to me.

One of the disappointments of viewing the You Tube dressage work is that so many of the horses don’t look right to me. They look cranked up with swishing tails, ready to buck off their rider at any moment. And they are so athletic that bucking off their rider would be no problem at all. I guess I needed to make adjustments to the drawing to make the painting work for me.

The paint quality is interesting with many layers expressing the reworking and the journey to completion. Looking forward to the next!


One response to “Done?

  1. Nice, floating on the blue.

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