Big Horses

Sunday was the annual Draft Horse Plowing Playday at Jack London State Park. I decided to take my camera and my sketchbook.

Horses have been a significant part of my life in the past. Though I am not riding, teaching or even around horses right now, I so enjoy any time I am able to see, touch or even smell them. These big draft horses are impressive. They are so quiet, with all the people activity, loudspeakers, children running, colors, things blowing around and they just stand and look with those huge feet and heads.

I watched a farrier demonstrate trimming and shoeing a big noble black animal. I think he was a shire. I should have asked. I took my sketch home and quickly painted this on my new canvas “paper”. It doesn’t quite get that horse. But it’s fine.

When I first arrived, I took a picture which I worked from for this second sketch. I think it will make a good painting. I especially like the chairs, off to the side. I don’t really want it to look too pastoral, like it’s long ago. Instead I want it to suggest that this was something people came to watch, like a parade, without the marching bands.


One response to “Big Horses

  1. Candy…….love the palette here. Such lovely colors. You are definitely on to something. I wanted to come Sat but think Art at the Source with my sister is more necessary. I will get over this month to see your show. Thank you for all your generous comments on my blog. I know you will understand the most recent one! Animal lovers we are, yes?

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