Long Lost Friend

This large (36″x48″) painting has been sitting and waiting for me to have time for it for over a year. Today I had time and desire.

It’s a strange feeling to approach a painting after so much time. I started by cleaning it with Gamsol. Then I stepped back and addressed areas that weren’t working. I feel I’ve made some good changes, in the sky, in the background, the field on the middle, right. To see where I began, click on the painting tab.

There are two more canvases of the same size that I have started. They require my working from my imagination together with my experience with landscapes. The idea of a farm growing food, nestling into a landscape, is very exciting to me. The canvases all began thinking of actual spots, say 10 feet in the air, above Oak Hill Farm. I wonder if all the time I’ve spent on horseback compels me to see from above the ground?

More to come!


One response to “Long Lost Friend

  1. I am so glad there is more to come, because this is absolutely gorgeous!

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