I guess we have a new cat

He started showing up when Charlie was sick and staying inside. Now, he seems to have taken possession of our back porch.

He’s really ratty and dirty. We’ve managed to cut the dreadlocks from his back. He dances on his toes to get touched. We’ve named him Dieter.

I painted this quickly, looking out the back door. I used gouache, a medium that takes me back to my time at Art Center, oh so many years ago. I love its chalky quality. It works so well for certain interpretations.

I painted Charlie, a while back, looking out the same door.


2 responses to “I guess we have a new cat

  1. Welcome to Dieter! I’ve not ever heard of gouache – I really like the colors. Still so glad you are sharing… thank you!

    • Hi Katie,
      Gouache is a water based paint, similar to poster paint. It dries very matte and flat. It doesn’t layer well, meaning you best get the color and value correct the first time. When you put a color on top of another, you risk the bottom layer will dissolve and mix with the new color.
      Dieter is very happy to have a shelter in this weather!

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