Art Crazy

Sometimes art drives me crazy. For instance, when I set up my kitchen art studio, yet circle the space for hours. It happens almost every day I have open, time to paint uninterrupted. Then, when I finally get a brush in my hand, I attack. I work in frenzy, getting two or three paintings done in a few hours. Sometimes I’ll start 3 or 4 at once. Why can’t I seem to start without the circling?

And what about feeling almost possessed, absolutely knowing what to do, putting it down with authority. But sometimes when I step back, it’s awful! And I scrape it all off, except that little section up there.

Or when you see a day like today. It’s Friday and I sold at the Farmer’s Market this morning. It was yet another Friday when rain was predicted. And we totally lucked out. The rain held off until we were on our way home, when it poured! For a few hours it poured. Since then, the clouds have been skidding over the hills, dotting the madrone, oak and fir with bright spots of sunlight, caressing the contours. Makes me wish I were a better painter.


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