Charlie’s Leaving

Our old cat, Charlie is dying. The morning he was scheduled to go to the vet, to check to make sure he was getting the correct dose of thyroid medicine, he didn’t get up, didn’t eat, seemed a little more wobbly than usual. The vet drew some blood and sent us home. The next day, yesterday, he could not walk. He’d lift his head and fall over. He wasn’t interested or coordinated enough to eat. He lay in the sun, on the back porch, which is where I made this painting of him. He got up a few times, used his cat box to pee (!), and was pitiful to watch.

Today he’s eating again. He’s still too wobbly to walk without falling. He doesn’t seem to be in pain. He is not crying. He is also not purring. What a fighter.

We will miss Charlie.


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