Tomatoes and Peas

The tomatoes are in the small house. It’s so steamy in there, my camera fogs up in 10 seconds so I grab a shot and leave. It feels wonderful inside, so soft and alive. It smells of sweet soil.

The pea shoots are covered outside. They are covered with “greenhouse cloth” because birds love them. Even inside, they are a target for the birds, so protection is necessary. They are outside now, because there is no room inside.

I’m so happy with this squash. It makes me wonder about why some of them come so much easier than others. Am I just getting it? The struggle is helpful, right?

Now I am out of square panels, so I have to take a break from these for a while. But I have so many other ideas!


2 responses to “Tomatoes and Peas

  1. love this one, actually like them all but this one is very senseous in both design and color.

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