Wet Fields / Packed Greenhouses

We have had an unusually wet winter here. It is setting us back on a couple of fronts: planting and cultivating (weeding). The soil is too soggy to disturb.

The greenhouses are full. We have two houses, the smaller one (20’x 50’) is kept warmer for first planted seeds. It has two fans blowing around the air to prevent molds and mildews in the vulnerable new plants. The doors are kept closed at this time of the year and just walking inside, you feel the life bursting from the seams. The larger house (20’x 100’) is where we move the more established seedlings. The doors are never closed. The pea shoots that we put in the salad mix, are grown in the large house and sometimes they are the only thing growing in there. Not now. Now, they are both completely full.

We have a number of flats of seedlings that are ready to plant: spring onions, the chicories, mache. But the fields need to be drier before planting. The farmer thinks we need a week of dry weather before we could plant. Wind would help to shorten the time.

The weeds are beginning to clog the salad crops. It’s even too wet to “clean” the rows.

Once we get a week of dry weather, everything could turn around quickly. It’s so interesting how quickly things grow when conditions are right. Customers may not even see a break in what is available to them. We’ll just have to see.


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