We’re back

The week begins our first week back to work. We will deliver to restaurants and attend the Friday morning farmers’ market after a three-week break.

And yes, I learned, as the farmer and I prepared the list of produce to send to our restaurants, we have a lot in the fields, even this time of the year. Highlights include a beautiful mix of colorful chicories including castel franco, various shaped red and green radicchio, escarole, frisse and treviso (a pointy radicchio). The red is truly burgundy, almost black/pink/red; painters: think cadmium red deep with a little viridian. The leaves are thick, deeply-ribbed, slightly bitter. We also have broccoli di cicco, a small headed variety cut with long stems and lots of leaves. I like it much better than regular broccoli because of I love the stems and this has more stem.

These are typical cool weather crops, winter fare for Northern California. Greens like kales, chard and collard are hardy enough for this time of the year as well. With roots like beets, carrots, celery root, parsnips and rutabaga, and/or some storage crops like winter squash and onions, stews are quite nutritious and varied.


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