Preparing for Rain

We’re getting some more rain. The fields are not saturated yet. We haven’t had enough rain for that. But, 3-4 inches are pre

Not perfect carrots, left in the field

dicting for tomorrow, so we’ll see. Most of the fields are cover cropped and are growing nicely. There are a few spots still in production. Lettuce is slow picking but plentiful. The root crops are growing. Garlic looks great in one spot, hasn’t even emerged in another. We’ve even got a few rows of peas that just might make it through the winter.

There are two fields that have been bedded up, rather than “covered”. They are growing an adolescent beard of grasses, nothing intentional. The tactic is to think ahead toward spring and prepare ground for the earliest possible planting. The beds will develop a structure, earthworm tunnels and fungal webs, which will allow the soil to percolate moisture throughout. The whole is enhanced dramatically when the beds contain lots of partially digested organic matter. This happens when the field is used for something lush, that is tilled in before it becomes these beds.

, when a dry window comes and conditions are right, (anytime between January and March), the hills will be knocked down and ready for planting far quicker than the cover cropped fields. The first crops are almost always spinach, radishes and salad. Having fields ready early makes a huge difference in spring time sales.


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