Brussel Sprouts

What are they doing in the brussels? Little birds are sitting in the large leaves, their little heads bopping up and down, probably foraging for aphids. Two or three on each plant, taking their time, enjoying their day. And I’m thoroughly entertained by their antics.

We have never had brussel sprouts in the garden until this year. But I’ve admired the plant for years. The farmer started growing them a couple years ago because I love them. Roasted, along with a chicken, they are divine. He even likes them now.

They grow like something out of a Dr Seuss book, little cabbages running up the thick stalk, amid big, round, heavily-ribbed leaves, topped with a swaying tousle. Part palm tree, part sea creature, they stand shoulder to shoulder down the long rows at the farm. They are started in the greenhouse in June and planted out in August and are finally being harvested now. We should have them for several months if the aphids are not too aggressive.

I’m glad for the birds and their role.


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