Olive time

Beautiful olive

The trees outside the windows are loaded. Some are black ripe and others smaller and green. The most compelling olives are turning color. I hate to let them all go to the birds. There are more this year than last. And last year we tried several methods to cure them. They were delicious and we’ve eaten them all up.

Olives in lye bath reflect olive trees.

We had time Sunday and combed a bucketful off the most laden tree. They have been through two lye baths and are now in the rinse cycle; sitting in water, which is changed at least 4 times a day for 3 days. Next they go into a brine solution for at least a week.

And there are so many more on the trees. It is fun to see the birds peck at them.


One response to “Olive time

  1. you rock girl. Rock Candi we’ll call you. Life is fuller when we notice the sweet details. You notice a lot of them…

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