Flat Tire, Late Night

The delivery truck has a flat tire. The spare is at the farm, 75 miles away. The farmer is on his way down to change the tire for our driver. It’s almost 7 p.m. and it is a couple more hours until he’s home. He left at 6:30 this morning. It’s raining lightly.

Whaaa whaaa whaa. That’s what he’d say. Yes, the truck should carry a spare. The driver should be trained to change a tire. But breakdowns happen. We have had at least 3 this year on this trek to “the city”. We’ve even replaced the vehicle. And still there are mishaps.

We have been questioning the decision to continue deliveries 75 miles away to a handful of restaurants for not enough money since spring. Marketing decisions are important. We want our customers to be able to count on our service and our product. Can’t be flaky. Give plenty of notice concerning changes. Keep everyone informed. Communicate. This is good business advise for any company. And are quite a challenge when product availability changes daily.

All this to say that making a farming business work, takes more than knowing how to grow things. It takes a tremendous amount of energy and passion. Years of days this long can suck the juice out of most people. And yet, seeing the excited look when a farmer’s market regular sees unexpected raspberries, or walking a field as seeds begin to emerge, can bring you back with a radiant smile.


One response to “Flat Tire, Late Night

  1. this give me the immediate feeling of every artful effort that is actually a business. Outsiders see the glamor and we all know how much hard work there is. Chin up…and keep smiling –to ALL of us.

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