The Art of Farming

As I sit and wonder what I can say that anyone would want to read, I have to also wonder how important any one person is in the big wide world. But since this project requires that I imagine that I DO have something of value to share, here we go.

I want to talk about farming. I work on a small (45 acres under production) organic (uncertified) produce and flower farm in Northern California. I live with the produce grower. I take the produce to two weekly farmers’ markets (once weekly from now until April) and call 10 to 20 chefs weekly in our tourist town. There are some interesting elements to selling the food, (“What do you do with burdock?”) but what I want to write about is what the Farmer does daily.

Farming has become a Rare Art. There are fewer farmers in the US than in the past. Buying enough land for an economically viable farm is out of the question for many that have the desire to farm. Those that own the land, may not have the desire to work that hard.

I’m also concerned that it is becoming a Lost Art. Fewer and fewer are able to learn how to plant, nurture and harvest a variety of crops, then juggle the demands of equipment, soil health, marketing and personnel. Basic mechanics and welding are essential knowledge to a successful farmer. Being able to multi-task, work long hours and solve a multitude of problems with the uncertainty of sales of a perishable product, then taking home a small income with limited security is not most people’s dream.

I am off to a general meeting. More thoughts will follow. And let me find a picture.eggplant


One response to “The Art of Farming

  1. I like the start of your site. Keep going. More pictures. More words.



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